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There's Something about Pete!

Posted by Alan Mcknight on January 13, 2015

We have noticed a strange phenomena lately! There has been an explosion of church planting activity by guys called Pete! Now if they were called Paul we could understand it, but no, it's Pete's that are planting! So listen to a story of four Pete's, be inspired and pray.

1 Peter is Pete Rennie. Pete was at Harper during his student days at International Christian College and is now planting a church in Inverness. After meeting together with a launch team for five months they have now begun Living Hope Church, Inverness. You can find out more about it here 

2 Peter is Pete Carr. Pete was also at Harper during his student days and he too is now actively engaged in church planting. Buckhaven Community Church will have its first meeting on Sunday 25th January.The church will be cafe style, informal and relaxed. It is hoped to begin with a Christianity Explored group.

3 Peter and 4 Peter come as a package; a double act you might say. Pete Bell and Pete Stewart currently work in Barlanark in Glasgow and in the second half of the 2015 they hope to plant a church there in partnership with 20Schemes. 

So pray for the 4 Petes, that the Lord would bless and strengthen them and that he would lead and guide them and that they would have all that they need to plant solid gospel churches built on the word of God. And pray for all the Alan's, Bob's Tam's, Craig's and Will's. We can't leave all the planting to the Pete's!

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