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Diversity Day at Harper

Posted by Alan Mcknight on June 18, 2015

May 24 was a different Sunday for Harper.  Flag waving and "speaking in languages"  - who’d have thought it? Who’d have thought that Harper would have Chinese, Ghanaian, Congolese, South African, Zambian, Nigerian, Australian and British nationalities worshipping together regularly?  Changed days indeed and changes we should celebrate.
On this mission weekend we did celebrate our diversity and rejoiced over our unity in Christ.  On Saturday evening Dr Jay Modha, converted Hindu Brahmin, from Tanzania, now Leicester (Now that’s diversity!) told us how God had wonderfully brought him to Christ.  On Sunday morning, following a parade of waving flags, singing in French, reading in Africaans, and hearing how these different nationalities came to be in Harper, Dr Modha  from John 14:6 emphasised the unity of mankind as being lost, deceived, and dead but through the unique Jesus Christ we could all be one in him and alive forevermore.  On Sunday evening, we testimony of how difficult it is being a Christian in China, then Dr Modha opened up Revelation 4 and 5 and we were part of the throng around the throne worshipping Jesus. 
It was a delight; it was a challenge; it was a blessing but it mustn’t be a one off.
Those who participated on Sunday considered it a real blessing to take part.  It was a real blessing to hear them.  We mustn’t leave it to special days.
Not only does Harper have diversity in the congregation but also around the doors. Twenty two nationalities are represented in the local primary school and other activities of Harper involve ethnic minorities.   Our desire is that the church fellowship reflects the community we find ourselves in and we pray that the Lord will show us how to achieve that.
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