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The Big Day Out

Posted by Alan Mcknight on June 25, 2015

This year's Harper big day out was to the sandy beaches of Ayr.  There were over sixty people signed up, from very young to older members of the church and other families.  On the morning of the 13th of June the big bus arrived ready for the trip South.  We quickly packed drinks, snacks and everyone else on board.  Sally and Maureen ticked us all off as we got onto the bus.  Then with everyone on the bus, we set off for the coast.

The bus trip to Ayr seemed to go by quickly.  Most of the children crowded around in the back of the bus together with Carl.  Carl and the children managed to get some singing going.  Before long, we arrived in Ayr and the bus driver dropped us off at the local church hall.  We unloaded our supplies of biscuits, tray bakes, tea and coffee, bread and applies, and headed off for the beach.  Despite the weather not being predicted to be very good, the sun came through the clouds.

The children quickly found a marooned jellyfish on the sand, which they were very interested in.  After looking about a bit more, they found two more jellyfish that were stuck on the beach too.  Others started to dig in the sand, digging with sticks and hands.  Jenni and Gill started a sand throwing game that turned into a game of chase with some of the children.  Other children wandered along the edge of the sea looking for interesting things.  Parents and others sat at the edge of the sand discussing the finer points of how to build a sand castle.  Soon it was time for lunch.

We set off back to the church hall, where the tables were put ready for a chippy lunch.  Sally had telephoned our orders for fish and chips from the bus to the best local fish and chip shop.  We were treated to fish, sausage, black pudding and pie suppers, served with bread and butter, juice, tea and coffee.  Some of the congregation managed to eat more than one fish supper!  After all had eaten their fill, we finished our meal with tea and cakes.

Once we had all finished lunch, Carl led everyone back to the grass next to the beach.  Thankfully, Carl had come prepared with all sorts for games for the young and old.  There was the egg and spoon race that Craig won by sticking his egg to his spoon with chewing gum, the wheel-barrow race won by Joel and Caleb, and several other races.  Perhaps Alan looked the most pleased as he posed for his picture, having won the granddads race.

As the races finished, some sat and enjoyed the sunshine.  Others walked along the shore, some of the children went to the adventure playground and some of the ladies went to the nearest café for a well earned cup of tea and a piece of cake.  Having played a few games of football, the last of the children set off to the adventure playground too.

The day was quickly over and some of the children were very sad to have to go home.  One of them remarked that he would rather say for longer.  We all look forward to next year's big day out and hope you can join us then too.
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