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Christianity Explored

Life can be so hectic that we rarely if ever take the opportunity to ask what it’s all about. At Harper we regularly run a 7 week course called “One Life”. It’s an opportunity to meet informally and ask the questions that have perhaps been bugging you for years.

We will take our big questions to Mark’s Gospel – the shortest of the 4 Gospels in the New Testament of the Bible. We’ll discuss how understanding who Jesus is, why He came into the world, and what it means to be His follower, has the greatest relevance in our quest for meaning in life.

Each evening begins at 7pm with snacks and drinks. We take time to catch up with each other and then look at a Bible passage and discuss it together, watch a brief DVD presentation, and have another chat over a light supper. It’s completely free. You can make any point and ask any question you like. Thousands of people who have been on the course were surprised at how much they enjoyed it.

For more information contact the church office
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